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The Carolina Excellence team is picking up momentum as we work to streamline the University’s administrative operations, making them more efficient. We are engaging employees who are sharing input in our early impact projects or on one of the redesign teams. Here’s the latest:

  • Listening tours: Our listening tours across the campus continued with visits to several departments, where we continue to collect feedback on pain points employees have with administrative functions. To date, we have conducted 44 sessions across schools and departments.
  • Steering Committee: During the committee’s second meeting, members heard an overview of the work done by the three redesign teams during their initial workshop. These teams ­— representing human resources, finance and research administration — are exploring how their respective departments need to evolve to better meet the changing needs of the University.
  • Procurement project (one of the early impact projects): Held the fourth workshop to brainstorm solutions for reducing the time it takes to pay for items costing $250 or less.
  • If you haven’t read it, check out the story about Carolina Excellence that appeared in the University Gazette.

One last note: We are transitioning the name of this project to Carolina Excellence, with the goal of transforming our administrative functions, beginning with human resources, finance and research administration. Our work falls under Operational Excellence, an overarching philosophy in the provost’s office dedicated to helping Carolina meet its strategic goals.

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