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It was a great week for the Carolina Excellence team. We shared the results of both pilot projects with the steering committee on Tuesday. Their feedback was overwhelmingly positive and they reinforced our belief that this work is on track to transform our administrative operations. They also shared important feedback for us to consider going forward and we have captured their input to address in the future. Hearing from them is one of the reasons the meetings with leaders from across the campus are so important: more perspectives make our process stronger.

  • Team members working on the human resources hiring process pilot shared an overview of how they’ve engaged with hiring managers to understand challenges and created a checklist that clearly defines roles and responsibilities for each person involved in hiring an employee. Improvements in this process will allow the University to win the competition for top talent by identifying promising candidates and extending offers faster than our peers.
  • The procurement process pilot team members explained how a decision-tree would help improve the simplicity and efficiency for purchasing items less than $250. An easy-to-navigate process for selecting the right purchasing method allows for an improved end-user experience and ensures purchases are tracked to the right category.

Enthusiasm for Carolina Excellence is evident in every meeting, and we are confident that the process design and pilot methodology will deliver results. We look forward to rolling out these two new processes in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more details.

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