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The Carolina Excellence team celebrated a milestone week, kicking off new tools and processes across campus. It was exciting to see so much enthusiasm for these new resources and the opportunities we have to transform our administrative operations.

  • More than 200 people attended five rollout sessions, three for the procurement small-dollar spend project and two for the hiring process project. These solutions were created by our employees, and several led the workshops, delivering playbooks, introducing dashboards and explaining war rooms, which will begin this week. The Carolina Excellence team divided the University into three cohorts to effectively manage rollout of the new processes. Human resources and procurement representatives from schools and units in the first cohort were invited to attend the sessions, while interested representatives from the other two cohorts were also encouraged to attend. To learn which cohort your school or unit is in, please see our calendar.
  • Provost Robert A. Blouin visited the Eshelman School of Pharmacy and the School of Social Work to share an overview of Carolina Excellence. He also shared an overview of Carolina Excellence in an email message to all employees and shared his thoughts for why these changes are important in this video.

Such a big week wouldn’t be complete without a number of thank yous. On behalf of the Carolina Excellence team, I offer our thanks to the following people who led the training sessions and launched the tools:

Hiring Kickoff

Led our kickoff presentations: Linc Butler (OHR), Vicki Bradley (OHR), Jessica Fleming (Kenan-Flagler), Steve Regan (School of Public Health), Bonnie Smith (SOM), Matt Hawkins (SOM), Noreen Montgomery (OHR), Ashante Diallo (College of Arts and Sciences), Candace Reynolds (ITS) and Mark Haapala (OHR).

Helped launch our war rooms: Linc Butler (OHR), Steve Regan (School of Public Health), Bonnie Smith (SOM), Matt Hawkins (SOM), Noreen Montgomery (OHR), Jo Ann Gustafson (VC Research), Candace Reynolds (ITS), Mark Haapala (OHR), Sara Reese (OHR), Rich Arnold (OHR), Corrie Mimms (OHR), Robin Willow- Johnson (OHR) and Roseanda Hall (OHR).

Procurement Kickoff

Led our kickoff-sessions: Travis Henderson (F&O), Shannon Taylor (School of Business), Mark Richardson (CAS), Janet Rupert (F&O), Jessica Hwang (F&O), Kelly Smith (School of Social Work) and Aaron York (Athletics).

Cohort 1 unit mentors: John Dohnal (Pharmacy), Mark Richardson (CAS), Chase Debnam (CAS), Warren Ray (Provost’s office), Janet Rupert (F&O) and Ammar Yameen (F&O).

I hope you will share in the excitement for this important work. I am confident it will continue to improve the way we conduct the University’s business.

Please feel free to share this email with your colleagues. You can also visit our website, to learn more about Carolina Excellence and to see all of my previous updates. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at .



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