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Hi everyone,

The Operational Excellence team had a great week — and I’m excited to share these updates:

  • Our team showcased early wins to the Strategic Framework committee at the Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday. Both leadership and champions from the early impact work in hiring and procurement led the discussion. We were proud to showcase this work, as well as feature current design team work in roles and responsibilities and the research project lifecycle projects.
  • Rollout for the early impact work in hiring and procurement is underway for the second cohort. This week and next week, we’re sharing optional overviews and training for the units and use of the war rooms.
  • The design teams in roles and responsibilities (and the sub groups) and the research project lifecycle projects met this week and continue to refine the focus of their work with the added input from core team discussions last week.
  • Next week, you’ll see some new faces on our team and in our meetings: Welcome to Candace Reynolds, Mieke Lynch and Jason Derrick. I’ll share more details about them next week.
  • You’ll notice that we’ve changed our name to Operational Excellence. When we began this work, we wanted to differentiate it from other Operational Excellence projects in the provost’s office, like the data analytics project and the new budget model. But we were too quick in renaming our work Carolina Excellence, which is the name of an important initiative in the Office of Student Affairs. We heard from employees that we had created confusion, so we followed our own philosophy of listening to feedback — and we’ve switched our name back to Operational Excellence.

Please feel free to share this email with your colleagues. You can also visit our website,, to learn more about Operational Excellence and to see all of my previous updates. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at



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