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Good afternoon,

Hope your week is going well! Here’s a quick look at what the Operational Excellence team focused on this week: 

  • The Travel & Expense Team completed the first version of a Quick Reference Guide, Travel Checklist, and Booking Guide. They also discussed what other resources would be helpful to create for travelers.
  • The HR Team continued their work on standard principle functions and student employment. Standard principle functions for critical HR roles was presented to the University’s HR Council on Monday for a final round of feedback. As their work with standard principle functions begins to wrap up, the team is working to develop a roll-out plan to distribute this work to campus. The student employment team met with students and other stakeholders to gain input on the structure and content for a “one stop shop” student employment website. Over the next few weeks, the team will continue to develop content and compile resources to include on the website. 
  • The Research Team continued to iron out the details around a potential pilot design, incorporating the feedback received from the Steering Committee meeting last week. They also continued building the playbook for federal award setup and designing communications for the award negotiation process. 
  • In Early Impact Work a reminder that the final cohort (Cohort 3) will launch in July.

Please feel free to share this email with your colleagues. You can also visit our website to learn more about Operational Excellence, read my previous updates and submit feedback. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at I read every email. 


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