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Good afternoon,

I want to start this week’s update with a big thank you to everyone who has been involved with the Early Impact work. Though Operational Excellence has officially wrapped up our part in both the Hiring and Procurement initiatives, we will continue to follow and celebrate future progress in EHRA-NF/SHRA hiring and small-dollar spending. The success of these two initiatives has given our team and the entire campus momentum for future work. Again, thank you all! More information about these two initiatives and their resources can be found on our website.

In other news, the Operational Excellence team has been busy this week exploring new opportunities for collaboration and transformation. Additionally, in line with our team’s commitment to continuous improvement, we are excited to return to UNC Health Care for the Lean Six Sigma Blue Belt training next week. Our team is extremely thankful for this opportunity.

Our ongoing initiatives made steady progress this week:

  • Data Use & Literacy: After multiple rounds of brainstorming and soliciting feedback from campus partners, Carolina Analytics Portal has been chosen as the name for the “one-stop shop” website for official dashboards. We completed the website design phase of this project with UNC Creative and will now work with ITS to build the website. The data team continued working on validating the dataset from which the dashboard will pull data.
  • Student Registration: This week, the student registration design team continued to discuss the details of and finalize a new registration model. The team will turn its attention to gathering feedback from campus stakeholders and developing education, training and communication materials to support the new registration model in the weeks to come.
  • Research: The Research Design Team is still hard at work on their plan to roll out the solutions they have designed and tested for the Carolina research community, including the new engagement model and research playbooks.

Please feel free to share this email with your colleagues. You can also visit our website to learn more about Operational Excellence, read my previous updates and submit feedback. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at I read every email.


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