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Good afternoon,

If you have been a member of an Operational Excellence design team, you know that we often start out meetings with an energizer to get everyone talking and thinking.

This week, Transformation Manger Jason Derrick started out his J Scholar Process Design Team meeting with an energizer focused on lateral thinkingLateral thinking is an approach to creative problem-solving that relies on out-of-the-box reasoning. It asks you to look beyond the facts you have been presented with and the “status quo” of ideas to find new ways to look at and solve the problem.

As part of the energizer, Jason presented a lateral thinking question to his design team members: “Someone falls out of a thirty-story building, but lives. With luck and their landing pad not being factors, how could they have survived the fall?” 

Pause for a few minutes and practice lateral thinking with this question. I welcome you to share your answers with me.

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