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Good afternoon,

Last week Operational Excellence attended the annual Network for Change and Continuous Innovation (NCCI) conference. Keynote speaker, Leidy Klotz, professor of engineering and architecture at the University of Virginia, focused his talk on the practice of subtracting and how “people systematically overlook subtractive changes.” Reflecting on Klotz’s comments, our team discussed how we also see this at Carolina  — we often add new programs, practices, and/or solutions to solve a problem and sometimes overlook the benefits of stopping something that we are doing. As you think of your work, what have you done to subtract? What are some ideas for things the University, your school, department, or unit could stop doing that would result in added value?

Other highlights of the NCCI conference were my participation in a round table discussion with my colleagues from the University of Virginia and Clemson University, moderated by Rutgers University, titled “An Inside Look at Excellence: Perspectives from three universities.” Candace presented “Roadmap for Solution Design” to a packed room. Finally, I served as the moderator for the closing conference panel. We networked, shared, and learned a great deal over the conference and look forward to bringing more best practices to Carolina.

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