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OE Weekly Update – 10/22/21

October 22, 2021

Good afternoon,   I am excited to announce that the Operational Excellence team is partnering with Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and Compliance and Finance and Operations to launch a Future of Work Design Team.   On October 8th a survey was shared … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 10/8/21

October 8, 2021

Good afternoon,   Since the Operational Excellence began three years ago, we have continuously looked for ways to expand our reach and find new ways to meet the goal of creating a high-functioning administrative operation that supports the University’s key mission … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 10/1/21

October 1, 2021

Good afternoon,   It is hard to believe October is already here! Along with the changes to the weather, a big change happening on campus is faculty and staff who are unvaccinated begin weekly testing in the Carolina Together Testing Program … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 9/3/21

September 3, 2021

Good afternoon,   I hope you have noticed the return of the Carolina Together Ambassador (CTA) program. After a successful Spring 2021 semester, the CTA program has relaunched to support our response to COVID-19 by combining customer service, event management and building … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 8/20/21

August 20, 2021

Good afternoon,   I hope you have enjoyed the first week of classes as much as I have. The start of a new academic year is always an exciting time, and obviously this year comes with different challenges that we are … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 7/23/21

July 23, 2021

Good afternoon,   I have enjoyed our first week on campus, and I am looking forward to a return to a more typical, in-person experience including a return to regular updates from Operational Excellence. The OE team is excited to be on-campus engaging with our partners on both planned … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 6/25/21

June 25, 2021

Good afternoon,   I hope you are having a safe and productive summer. In the few weeks since my last e-mail the Operational Excellence team – like you – has been working on a number of projects both in anticipation of a return to campus and as part … Continued