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OE Update — 6/2/2023

Good afternoon,   I want to dedicate this week’s OE update to Senior Transformation Manager Candace Reynolds for her remarkable 20 years of service at Carolina! Before joining Operational Excellence’s inaugural team, her career included positions at the Kenan-Flagler Business School and Information Technology Services.  Candace has earned the respect of … Read more

OE Update — 5/26/2023

Good afternoon, This month, OE is highlighting Jen Drake in our campus partner spotlight. Jen serves as a senior business analyst in the Division of Enrollment. Jen has played a critical role in strategizing ways to leverage technology to streamline the student enrollment experience. Jen has been a partner to … Read more

OE Update — 5/19/2023

Good afternoon, I am pleased to announce the OE team recently completed a listening tour, through which we had the privilege of hearing from faculty and staff across campus. Thank you to all who participated for embracing a continuous improvement mindset by openly sharing your operational challenges and helping to … Read more

OE Update — 5/12/2023

Good afternoon, Since it is State Employee Recognition Week, I want to take this time to thank you, our exceptional campus partners! We are thankful for the instrumental part you have all played in supporting long-term transformative change benefiting the Carolina community through your commitment to the continuous improvement mindset.  … Read more

OE Update — 5/5/2023

Good afternoon,   While students are answering questions on their exams this week, I wanted to ask you a question — are you a superhero? Take a look at this quick two-minute video to learn more about a simple but effective way to solve problems and save the day!   I often … Read more

OE Update — 4/28/2023

Good afternoon, This month, OE is highlighting Darrell Jeter for being a steadfast campus partner. Darrell leads emergency management and planning for Carolina where he plays a critical role in implementing strategies to prepare for and respond to emergencies that affect campus. He is a collaborative and well-informed strategic partner … Read more

OE Update — 4/21/2023

Good afternoon, When a team’s responsibilities expand or priorities shift, knowing what everyone is working on can be critical. Today we want to share a tool the OE team uses to identify roles and responsibilities when starting a large project or building a new team.   The “RACI Matrix” is a … Read more

OE Update — 4/14/2023

Good afternoon,   I hope you all enjoyed the spring holiday! This past Monday, I had the opportunity to serve as a guest lecturer to Carolina students in the Human Organizational Leadership and Development (HOLD) program. HOLD prepares students with the foundational skills and tools to become future change leaders. … Read more

OE Update — 3/31/2023

Good afternoon, This month, OE is highlighting Kathy Anderson, an exceptional campus partner. Kathy serves as the associate dean for information technology and project planning while simultaneously overseeing facilities function at the Gillings School of Global Public Health. Kathy is a champion of transformation and change. Below, Kathy talks about … Read more

OE Update — 3/24/2023

Good afternoon,   I am pleased to report that the OE team is currently partnering with Innovate Carolina in their initiative to launch Innovate Carolina Junction. OE’s role in the project aims to originate the process to efficiently and effectively guide Carolina in operating a world-class collaborative shared workspace. Innovate Carolina … Read more

OE Update – 3/17/2023

Good afternoon, When problem solving, knowing where to start can be a huge hurdle. Today we want to share one of the many techniques that the OE team uses to discover the underlying causes of a problem or challenge when starting a project. The “5 Whys” is a structured approach … Read more

OE Update — 3/10/2023

Good afternoon, I am delighted to announce that the OE team is currently working on a Course Setup — Waitlist Project.  This project builds on the work completed during our Course Setup — Reserve Capacity project and seeks to create a more seamless and effective enrollment process by demystifying the … Read more

OE Update – 3/3/2023

Good afternoon,   I am honored to say the Office of Organization and Professional Development requested that the OE team host a full-day class Feb. 17 for the University Leadership Education and Development (ULEAD) program. The ULEAD program brings together industry leaders and experts to discover and share the valuable … Read more

OE Update – 2/24/2023

Good afternoon, In January, I mentioned OE featuring a monthly campus partner in our weekly updates. This month, we want to highlight Roderick Lewis, who serves as the interim executive director of University Career Services. Roderick’s team supports over 20,000 undergraduates, graduates and alumni, guiding our students as they navigate … Read more

OE Update – 2/17/2023

Good afternoon,   Last week, Georgia McRae, transformation manager, wrapped up an Operational Excellence project to create a standardized process for permanent fixed-term faculty appointment, reappointment, and promotion letters.  The OE team partnered with the Office of the Provost, Human Resources, the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Medicine, … Read more

OE Update – 2/10/2023

Good afternoon,   I am excited to announce that the OE team is currently working on a Credit Bearing Certificates Project. This project aims to position the University for growth in this space by, 1) designing a ConnectCarolina structure for improved tracking and management of non-degree students, and 2) creating a … Read more

OE Update – 2/3/2023

Good afternoon,    On January 25th and 26th, the OE team hosted the first 2023 session of our OE Lean Foundations Training. This half-day course is designed to be an introduction to lean management tools, and to encourage a mindset of continuous improvement. These sessions are meant to help attendees critically … Read more

OE Update – 1/27/2023

Good afternoon, Each month, we would like to highlight a campus partner who exemplifies and embraces the mission and vision of Operational Excellence. Maribel Carrion is this month’s partner spotlight. Maribel is the executive director of student administration and enterprise reporting for Information Technology Services at Carolina. This includes supporting … Read more

OE Update – 1/20/2023

Good afternoon, As many of you know, the OE team strives to promote and practice a mindset of continuous improvement throughout campus-wide administrative operations. I am excited to announce that we will be starting another round of listening tours to ensure we fulfill that goal. We first held listening tours … Read more

OE Update – 1/13/2023

Good afternoon,    To commence the spring semester, the OE team had the opportunity this week to visit the Ackland Art Museum. The team was captivated by the museum’s extensive collection, featuring a variety of mediums within a 5,000-year time span from all over the world. The museum offers just one … Read more