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OE Weekly Update – 12/3/21

Good afternoon,    As the semester winds down and we begin exam week, I would love to highlight the work of the Carolina Together Ambassadors for one last time this semester. As you know, the CTA program was relaunched in Fall 2021 to support our response to COVID-19, combining customer service, event … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 11/19/21

Good afternoon, This week, as we near the end of a semester like no other, I want to take a minute to recognize the power of teamwork. This past Friday, the Operational Excellence team came together on campus for our annual retreat. While we aim to bring our team together … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 11/5/21

Good afternoon, In early 2020, Carolina Next: Innovations for Public Good, was launched as Carolina’s comprehensive strategic plan. This week, I would like to share Operational Excellence’s work with the campus leaders who are fulfilling the objectives laid out in Strategic Initiative 5: Promote Democracy. The overreaching goal of Promote … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 10/22/21

Good afternoon,   I am excited to announce that the Operational Excellence team is partnering with Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and Compliance and Finance and Operations to launch a Future of Work Design Team.   On October 8th a survey was shared with all permanent, full-time, non-faculty employees. The purpose of this … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 10/8/21

Good afternoon,   Since the Operational Excellence began three years ago, we have continuously looked for ways to expand our reach and find new ways to meet the goal of creating a high-functioning administrative operation that supports the University’s key mission of teaching, learning, and research.  This week, I’m excited to … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 10/1/21

Good afternoon,   It is hard to believe October is already here! Along with the changes to the weather, a big change happening on campus is faculty and staff who are unvaccinated begin weekly testing in the Carolina Together Testing Program (CTTP) on Monday, October 4. The Operational Excellence team has … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 9/3/21

Good afternoon,   I hope you have noticed the return of the Carolina Together Ambassador (CTA) program. After a successful Spring 2021 semester, the CTA program has relaunched to support our response to COVID-19 by combining customer service, event management and building operations support which promote positive health behaviors and the COVID-19 … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 8/20/21

Good afternoon,   I hope you have enjoyed the first week of classes as much as I have. The start of a new academic year is always an exciting time, and obviously this year comes with different challenges that we are working together to overcome. Like you, the Operational Excellence team … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 7/23/21

Good afternoon,   I have enjoyed our first week on campus, and I am looking forward to a return to a more typical, in-person experience including a return to regular updates from Operational Excellence. The OE team is excited to be on-campus engaging with our partners on both planned projects and learning about new opportunities.  This week, I want … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 6/25/21

Good afternoon,   I hope you are having a safe and productive summer. In the few weeks since my last e-mail the Operational Excellence team – like you – has been working on a number of projects both in anticipation of a return to campus and as part of our normal engagements. This week, I have an update on … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 5/7/21

Good afternoon,   With classes completed, finals begun and commencement just over a week away I want to reflect on our successful spring semester, in particular the important role played by the Carolina Together Ambassadors.  As I wrote earlier this semester, Carolina Together Ambassadors have provided campus operational support at academic buildings and testing sites, … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 4/9/21

Good afternoon,   At the request of Interim Dean Julie Byerley, Operational Excellent has begun a new engagement with the Adams School of Dentistry. This engagement may eventually lead a series of design teams which work on a shorter timeline than our traditional approach, depending upon the opportunities that are identified. Our first opportunity launched late last month, as Transformation Manager Candace Reynolds … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 3/26/21

Good afternoon,   Two of the important concepts Operational Excellence team members introduce frequently when starting a new initiative are Design Thinking and Continuous Improvement. I’ve referenced these concepts individually a number of times in the past but like a lot of the work we do, sometimes they work best when they work together.  Design thinking ​is a human-centered approach to problem-solving … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 3/12/21

Good afternoon,   Last week, the chancellor and provost provided an update on campus planning for Fall 2021 including our anticipated return to in-person instruction. The Operational Excellence team has been supporting the University’s COVID-19 response in several ways since early 2020, and as the University takes steps towards a more typical residential academic experience next fall, the OE team has been called upon by leadership to continue to provide assistance.  This temporary adjustment … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 2/19/21

Good afternoon,   If you have spent time on campus, then you have probably seen a Carolina Together Ambassador in a yellow vest and “How can I help?” lanyard. After a positive response to the program last fall, the CTA program was re-launched for the Spring 2021 semester to provide campus operational support in response to COVID-19. Ambassadors … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 2/5/21

Good afternoon,   I hope each of you is staying safe and healthy and is off to a successful beginning to the spring semester. One of the most important aspects of keeping our community safe this spring is the Carolina Together Testing Program. I’m sure you’ve heard the chancellor or provost say the program has been a “campus-wide … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 12/14/20

Good afternoon, It is the time of year when we look back and celebrate our success. Certainly, 2020 has been a year of new challenges, so I am honored to share our annual report for the 2019-2020 academic year and recognize the accomplishments and partners that have been a part … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 11/13/20

Good afternoon, This week, the Operational Excellence Data Use & Literacy project unveiled a new home for University-level dashboards, the Carolina Analytics Portal at I want to congratulate the design and data teams for this achievement, led by Transformation Manager Candace Reynolds, as well as our campus partners Lynn … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 11/6/20

Good afternoon,   In June, I provided updates on the design team members for the Exchange Visitor (J-1) Process Design project and a message on how the design team had utilized an energizer to kick off their initial meeting.  Of course, that first meeting was held virtually using Zoom. And so were the 16 additional two-hour … Continued

OE Weekly Update – 10/30/20

Good afternoon,   As always, I hope you are doing well. I am pleased to be providing an update for the first time this fall. This has been a year of new and unusual challenges for our campus, including the Operational Excellence team.  Our team has been working with many of you assisting the ongoing work of the Roadmap Implementation Team and … Continued