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New! Dashboards created through Operational Excellence projects can now be accessed from the Carolina Analytics Portal at After logging in with your Onyen, scroll down on the homepage to find the Staff Hiring – Operations Dashboard, Staff Hiring – Executive Dashboard, and Procurement – Low Dollar Spend Dashboard.

Early Impact: Staff Hiring  

The following tools were developed for the Staff Hiring project:

  • Hiring Playbook: Guides hiring managers and HR representatives step by step through the hiring process in 45 days and provides best practices from across the campus community.
  • Staff Hiring – Operations Dashboard: Provides an overview of active hiring events so that hiring managers and senior leaders can see the status within their units and identify where additional support may be needed.
  • Staff Hiring – Executive Dashboard: Provides a higher level overview of how organizations are doing against targets set by the Operational Excellence Initiative.

Early Impact: Procurement 

The following tools were developed for the Procurement project:

  • Purchasing Decision Tree: Developed a tool to help users determine the most appropriate purchasing method for each purchase. Training sessions ensure users are familiar with existing and new purchasing resources.
  • P-Card Process Checklist: Built a streamlined checklist of exactly what needs to be done for P-Card transactions to be completed efficiently, eliminating unnecessary steps the team discovered are commonly being taken by several campus units.
  • Procurement – Low Dollar Spend Dashboard: Created to track purchasing decisions and help identify and prioritize areas of improvement for procurement and purchasing teams. The dashboard allows senior leaders to see the progress in their units, and provide guidance and support when needed.

Academic Year 18-19: Travel & Expense 

The following tools were developed for the Travel & Expense project:

  • Travel Website: Designed a one-stop-shop website to assist faculty, staff and students who travel for University business with pre-travel and post-travel planning, policy and reimbursement.
  • Travel Checklist: Created a streamlined checklist for the traveler to follow during the pre-travel planning process, while traveling, and post-travel.
  • Quick Reference Guide: Developed to help travelers and administrative staff easily find resources for booking and paying for travel, conference registration and lodging, and steps for ensuring smooth international travel and reimbursement process.

Academic Year 18-19: Student Employment

The following tools were developed for the Student Employment project:

  • Student Employment Website: Built a one-stop-shop website with consolidated information on all stages of student employment for student employees, their supervisors and hiring representatives.

Academic Year 18-19: Research

The following tools were developed for the Research project:

  • Research Playbooks: These online resources were developed to support researchers and research administrators through the stages of the award lifecycle. The first playbook to be released, the Proposal Playbook, and an online training to support new users are available on the Office of Sponsored Research’s website.