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Good afternoon –

Hope you’ve had a great week! On Monday we held the August Steering Committee meeting and shared the latest updates on the Early Impact, Travel & Expense, HR and Research Teams work. We updated the committee on our Early Impact work focused on improving the hiring process and the efficiency of small dollar purchases, which has seen strong success to date. We also discussed the Student Employment and Travel websites that have come about as a result of the hard work of our Travel & Expense, and HR Teams, and talked about a new Service Model we are refining, which will outline the types of services our Operational Excellence team can provide.

One topic discussed during the meeting is the flexibility of the Operational Excellence model. In the past year, our transformation managers and each design team has responded nimbly to new information, challenges and ideas. The timelines of our workstreams have evolved accordingly. A current illustration of this is the distribution of a baseline survey for the new student employment website. We had planned to launch this survey last week, but we discovered 30 percent of student hires happen in month of August; far more than any other month. Consequently, we plan to send the survey the first week of September to ensure the feedback on the resources for the hiring and onboarding process is fresh and consequently valuable to the HR Design Team. We will subsequently survey the same people again in December. You’ll be hearing more about this website soon and be able to check it out starting in September. A special thank you to all members of the HR Design Team for their fantastic work!

Please feel free to share this email with your colleagues. You can also visit our website to learn more about Operational Excellence, read my previous updates and submit feedback. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at I read every email.


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