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About Operational Excellence

The goal of Operational Excellence is to create a high-functioning administrative operation that supports the University’s key mission of teaching, learning and research.

Beginning in the fall of 2018, the Operational Excellence team listened to employees to understand where their greatest challenges are in administrative processes. Based on that feedback, the team chose two projects where a big impact would build momentum for this work: streamlining the hiring process and the way the University processes small-dollar purchases.

Work on this initiative engages the whole University community in a structured and collaborative way. Operational Excellence does not begin projects with a solution in mind, but with what we aspire our administrative operations to be. From there, a variety of University stakeholders work backward to create a plan to achieve the goal and the solutions are developed with the culture of each school and unit in mind.

Employees play a critical role in creating new tools to change the way we work. These participants are enthusiastic about the improvements and are confident their colleagues will see the value when the changes are rolled out across campus.

To learn more about Operational Excellence work and its impact, read the Academic Year 2019-20 Annual Report.


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