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Good afternoon,

On Monday, the OE team welcomed our newest Transformation Manager, Madeline Snider. In that spirit, I want to discuss the significance of onboarding this week. Onboarding goes beyond paperwork and orientation; it sets the tone and involves a collaborative effort crucial for setting new employees up for success. Onboarding gives your team the opportunity to purposefully integrate new team members by thoughtfully preparing and delivering key information about your team and its unique processes. Key processes you should review include internal operations, policies, organizational norms and expectations while clarifying the role’s responsibilities, expectations and responsibilities to ensure a successful start.

The OE team has specific onboarding objectives that are broken down day-by-day for the first five days of onboarding. Our onboarding process includes sharing key institutional knowledge by providing a brief history of OE, including its inception, evolution, project intake process, and an overview of our current projects. At the end of onboarding, the new team member should be equipped with the foundational understanding of expectations and tools available to them.

With Madeline joining the team, we were able to put our onboarding process into action. Madeline comes to the team with over 9 years of experience in higher education working with faculty, staff, and students. She shares our belief in the transformative power of education and the importance of asking why. We’re so excited to have Madeline join the OE team and look forward to her future successes!

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