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Good afternoon,

Back in March, I had the pleasure of announcing OE’s collaboration with Innovate Carolina to support the launch of the Innovate Carolina Junction. As you may know, the Junction recently celebrated its grand opening. Today, I’d like to share an update on OE’s involvement in this exciting project.

Transformation Manager Georgia McRae worked with Interim Executive Director for Innovate Carolina Jackie Quay, Director of Economic Development and Innovation Hubs Sheryl Waddell and the Innovate Carolina team, to define operational changes for the team and establish new procedures to ensure the Junction’s successful operation.

Georgia used a RACI matrix to outline the responsibilities of the team. This exercise led to a comprehensive understanding of how each team member’s role evolved, highlighting the specific requirements for roles needed to support the new operations. 

The latter part of our engagement focused on the development and definition of all the operational procedures essential for the effective functioning of an innovation hub. The team diligently detailed 60 unique operating procedures, encompassing everything from marketing strategies to best practices in event management.

As is customary for our projects, we concluded by assisting the Innovate Carolina team in creating a sustainable plan for future development and enhancement of roles and responsibilities as well as operational procedures. We are looking forward to the continued growth of the Junction as our Innovate Carolina partners support the advancement of the Chapel Hill innovation district.

Please feel free to share this email with your colleagues. You can also visit our website to learn more about Operational Excellence, read my previous updates, and submit feedback. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at I read every email.


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