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OE Team:

  • Candace Reynolds, Associate Director for Operational Excellence
  • Madeline Snider, Transformation Manager

New Student Registration Experience Leadership Team: 

  • Amy Johnson, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 
  • Chloē Russell, Associate Dean of Academic Advising 
  • Kate Henz, Senior Associate Dean for Operations and Strategy
  • Lauren DiGrazia, University Registrar 
  • Rachelle Feldman, Vice Provost for Enrollment
  • Rick Wernoski, Associate Vice Chancellor for Operational Excellence 


  • Ensure coordinated and consistent registration support during new student onboarding
  • Create an updated portfolio of registration support resources
  • Increase first-year student satisfaction with their fall registration experience (less stressful, more navigable)

Approach: Project Definition, Solution Design

Project Dates: January 2024-

  • Ben Haven, Office of Undergraduate Curricula
  • Chloē Russell, Academic Advising
  • Cliff Jones, Thrive Hubs Advising
  • Jason Clemmons, Honors Carolina
  • Justin Inscoe, New Student and Family Programs
  • Kate Hash, Information Technology Services
  • Katey Boyd, HOLD Capstone Student
  • Lauren DiGrazia, Office of the University Registrar
  • Natalie Rollan, Office of the University Registrar
  • Nick Siedentop, Office of Undergraduate Curricula
  • Paige Dobes, Thrive Hubs Advising
  • Rushikesh Sude, Orientation Leader