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Operational Excellence Services

Operational Excellence offers the following five services to the Carolina community: Design Team, Project and Change Management, Facilitation, Advisory and Training. When schools and units reach out to collaborate on an opportunity for operational improvement, the OE team determines which service is best suited for their needs.

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The Design Team is the primary Operational Excellence service. It is used for administrative operational opportunities that are significantly complex and require cross-campus support to address.

OE and Campus Involvement:

+ 1 OE Transformation Manager leading Design Team effort
1 Design Team Partner
 from the central or campus unit
+ 10-15 Design Team members from a mix of central and campus units, chosen in coordination with the Design Team Partner

Time Commitment:

The Design Team service typically begins with a 3-4 month solution design phase, followed by a pilot or soft-launch (2-6 months). Full implementation can be achieved within 1-9 months depending on how the solution is rolled out to campus. The Design Team approach relies on continuous stakeholder engagement throughout the process.

+ Weekly Design Team workshops (2 hours) during the solution design phase
+ Weekly meetings between the OE Transformation Manager and Design Team Partner
+ Weekly leadership touchpoint meetings between the Design Team Partner, OE Transformation Manager and leadership from Operational Excellence and the school/unit

Completed Design Teams:
Early Impact - Hiring  Early Impact - Procurement  AY 18-19 - Travel   AY 18-19 - Student Employment  AY 18-19 - Research  AY 19-20 - Data Use & Literacy AY 20-21 - Data Use & Literacy AY 19-20 - Adams School of Dentistry

Ongoing Design Teams:
AY 19-20 - Student Registration

The Project and Change Management service allows OE team members to respond to high-priority issues facing the university. Through this service, OE team members work with stakeholders to develop and implement thoughtful solutions and provide continuous quality improvement.

More information about the Project & Chance Management service is coming soon. 

Facilitation is offered to schools and units with an identified and clear challenge in their area who have a team in place but would like support structuring and facilitating the working session to advance their work.

+ OE Involvement: OE Transformation Manager
Time Commitment:
2-4 hours/week for 2-3 weeks
+ Output: 1-2 structured conversations or workshops led by the OE Transformation Manager tailored to the needs of the school/unit

Completed Facilitation Engagements:
AY 19-20 - Barrier Policies Subgroup

Advisory is offered to schools and units requiring advisory support on any dimension of operational improvement in their area. Like the Facilitation service, Advisory allows OE to extend its impact across campus through a lighter touch approach. With this service, Operational Excellence is a thought partner, but does not facilitate sessions with the school or unit.

+ OE Involvement: OE Transformation Manager or Senior Vice Provost for Business Operations 
Time Commitment:
Varies by school/unit need
+ Output: To be defined on a per engagement basis. Examples include coaching for critical meetings or workshops, problem solving on operational challenges and other opportunities for guidance and/or feedback

Completed Advisory Engagements:
AY 19-20 - Student Payments Working Group AY 19-20 - Executive Search IDEAs in Action

Ongoing Advisory Engagements:
AY 19-20 - Public/Private Partnerships

The Training service is an investment both in the school/unit leader and their team. Trainings are offered to schools and units who have identified a problem but are seeking outside expertise to fill a gap or accelerate progress in one or more areas.

More information about the Training service is coming soon.