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In January, I mentioned OE featuring a monthly campus partner in our weekly updates. This month, we want to highlight Roderick Lewis, who serves as the interim executive director of University Career Services. Roderick’s team supports over 20,000 undergraduates, graduates and alumni, guiding our students as they navigate and achieve their career goals.

Roderick has an extensive background in training, development, performance management and recruitment strategies. The skills he learned through involvement with OE projects support his incredible expertise in leading work to improve operational challenges. He undeniably embraces a mindset of continuous improvement. Below, Roderick talks about his time at Carolina and his involvement with OE.

Q: What is your current role and how long have you worked at UNC?
A: I’m currently the Interim Executive Director of University Career Services which is under the Division of Student Affairs. I have worked at UNC in University Career Services for 4 years.

Q: What has been your involvement with Operational Excellence?
A: I was part of the Future of Work design team led by Operational Excellence that was tasked with creating flexible work options that could be used by department leaders and supervisors at UNC. I also took part in the Operational Excellence Lean Foundations Training pilot, which introduced a small group of campus leaders to concepts of lean management that could be implemented in their departments to improve inefficient/ineffective processes and practices.

Q: What do you see as Operational Excellence’s impact on your work and/or the operations of the University?
A: The Staff Hiring Project allowed my department to be more effective and efficient in sourcing, recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new staff. This was essential when we had multiple vacancies to backfill and needed to minimize disruption to our operations with the time commitment required to recruit new talent. Additionally, the Flexible Work Options Playbook had a huge impact on our office’s ability to provide equitable flex work options to work days which staff greatly appreciated during times of high gas prices and overall cost of living.

Q: When you are not working, how do you enjoy spending your time?
A: I enjoy playing Badminton with my two kids, traveling to see friends and family, listening to live jazz music, and experimenting with recipes on foods I grew up with in Alabama – and recipes from the time I lived abroad in Spain and Portugal.

“Roderick’s perspective and enthusiasm were in the Future of Work project and I loved hearing that he was able to take some of the workshop techniques back to his role!” said Candace Reynolds, senior transformation manager. Our campus partners play a vital role in the success of OE projects and the University as a whole. Thank you, Roderick, for being a champion of transformation and change.

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