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OE Team:

  • Candace Reynolds, Transformation Manager

Course Setup Leadership Team: 

  • Lauren DiGrazia, University Registrar 
  • Rachelle Feldman, Vice Provost for Enrollment
  • Kate Henz, Senior Associate Dean for Operations and Strategy
  • Rick Wernoski, Senior Vice Provost for Business Operations


  • Update ConnectCarolina to clearly show students if a course is available to them and why 
  • Provide reserve capacity process documentation and training to Student Services Managers (SSMs) 
  • Collaborate with SSMs on the application of reserve capacities, enabling University-wide data analysis

Approach: Project Definition, Solution Design

Project Dates: June 2022-October 2022

Project Updates: The Course Setup Design Team’s solution has been implemented and students will see information about reserved seats in ConnectCarolina when shopping carts open for Spring 2023 registration. The solution includes four components:

  1. “Only Reserved Seats Available” icon to indicate when all open seats in a section are reserved
  2. Redesigned Class Details page that displays the number of open unreserved seats and the number of seats reserved for specific populations
  3. Consistent naming convention for populations that have reserved seats
  4. Plain language error messages

Course Setup Playbook: This playbook was developed as a resource for Student Services Managers as part of the Course Setup: Reserved Seats Project. It is not a complete guide to course setup, but the Office of the University Registrar, in collaboration with the Office of Undergraduate Curriculum, will continue adding content to make this a comprehensive resource for Student Services Managers.

  • Lauren DiGrazia, Office of the University Registrar 
  • Simon Bloor, Accessibility Resources and Service 
  • Ashiya Campbell, Office of the Chancellor 
  • Maribel Carrion, Information Technology Services 
  • Genevieve Cecil, College of Arts and Sciences 
  • Julie Dockens, Information Technology Services 
  • Jen Drake, Enrollment Management 
  • Lisa Johnson, School of Education 
  • Sam Johnson, Graduate student 
  • Kelly Miller, Office of the University Registrar 
  • Chloe Russell, College of Arts and Sciences  
  • Ryan Smith, Undergraduate student 
  • Kris West, Office of the University Registrar 
  • Erin Willis, College of Arts and Sciences