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With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, the OE team, like thousands of Carolina employees, adapted to new ways of working and shifting priorities. Staying true to Operational Excellence’s goal of creating high-functioning administrative operations that support the University’s mission of teaching, learning, and research, the team stepped up to bolster the administrative processes behind Carolina’s COVID-19 response. In 2021, OE team members continue to lead and support crucial efforts related to COVID-19.

Roadmap Implementation Team 

Several Operational Excellence team members have had an impactful presence on the Roadmap Implementation Team and related projects: 

  • Roadmap Implementation TeamRick Wernoski served as an RIT member, and Candace Reynolds, Mieke Lynch, Sarah Leck, and Nicholas Sengstaken provided critical support to the group by facilitating and organizing RIT meetingsdiscussions, and debriefs.
  • Carolina Together Website and Communications – Mieke Lynch and Sarah Leck supported efforts to develop and improve the Carolina Together website and campus communications related to COVID-19.
  • COVID-19 Dashboard – Candace Reynolds collaborated with the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, as well as other campus partners, to build and design the UNC COVID-19 Dashboard.
  • CV19 Student Care Hub – Mieke Lynch worked with campus partners to stand up and promote this helpful resource which provided student-centered resources at the height of the pandemic. This site has since been absorbed by the Dean of Student’s office.
  • COVID-19 Student AcknowledgementCandace Reynolds and Nicholas Sengstaken worked with staff across Carolina’s many academic units to reach a 99% completion rate for the COVID-19 Student Acknowledgement among active and enrolled students. 

Carolina Together Testing Program & Hall Pass

Mieke Lynch and Joe Canady worked with key campus stakeholders to stand up the UNC Carolina Together Testing Program (CTTP), corresponding lab, and testing sites. More information on this project can be found on the Carolina Together Website.

Carolina Together Ambassadors & Golden Ticket Program

Rick Wernoski, Sarah Leck, Nicholas Sengstaken, and Amie Sigmann created and implemented the Carolina Together Ambassador Program (CTA) to provide a dynamic community solution to evolving operational needs on campus related to COVID-19 and assist with Carolina’s return to a more normal campus experience. The program continues to operate with the goal of helping students navigate changes to campus operations – such as new classroom locations, one-way doors, and a modified instructional schedule – and promote COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Classroom Operations

Rick Wernoski, Sarah Leck, and Nicholas Sengstaken supported a cross-campus effort in collaboration with the College of Arts & Sciences, Office of the Registrar, ITS, Facilities Services, and other key groups to optimize classroom operations to promote safe instructional, learning, and studying environments. The Classroom Operations Team applied the University’s physical distancing and CPE standards to the classroom setting and reimagined the configuration, technology, and usage of classrooms and other spaces for the fall semesteras well as traffic flow in and out of buildings and hallways through the installation of directional signage and changes to the instructional day based on in-depth analyses of building needs. Rick also provided leadership to the Building Access Review Committee, which continues to manage the implementation of campus building access changes with student, faculty, and staff safety in mind.