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OE Team:

  • Georgia McRae, Transformation Manager

Leadership Team: 

  • Amy Hertel, Executive Vice Provost
  • Meredith O’Dekirk, Faculty Affairs Program Associate
  • Lachonya Thompson, Faculty Affairs Assistant Provost
  • Rick Wernoski, Senior Vice Provost for Business Operations


  • Create an efficient and streamlined process
  • Eliminate frustration and confusion created by errors and delays
  • Have flexibility to adjust to changing circumstances
  • Keep campus partners satisfied

Approach: Project Definition, Transformation and Change Management

Project Dates: September 2022-February 2023

  • Tonya Entrekin, Human Resources
  • Janet Farrell, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Matt Hawkins, School of Medicine
  • Kip Hutchins, School of Medicine
  • Frank Lewis, Human Resources
  • Jana Ross, School of Medicine
  • Alfredo Ruiz, School of Medicine
  • Ann Sager, Human Resources Information Management
  • Angie Schmidt, School of Medicine
  • Derek Scupin, Human Resources Information Management
  • Teresa Wilkinson, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Madison Wood, School of Education